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SLUG Create a welcoming lived-in feel with pieces which are old and new juxtaposed with luxurious finds and vintage pieces for a glance that’s removed from uptight. Again, it’s all about making a curious mix that feels less like a showroom and more like a haven. SLUGBe playful together with your pairings and go for what almost feels flawed to create striking conversational moments that’ll have everybody speaking concerning the surprising mixtures you’ve created in your home.


SLUGIf daring silhouettes aren’t for you, hold it sudden with eye-catching hits of shade and print in small doses like a side chair, a bench, an art print, and just about any small addition that you could simply transfer around for a quick room refresh. For the reason that design fashion requires a heady mix of finds, do understand that a tight edit is important to keep the look feeling nicely-judged. To get the look right, leave just a few areas of a room untouched and undecorated to present the eye a break.


Make your individual rules. Be creative, resourceful, and confident with the combo you’ve created when seeking to adorn French as there’s really no flawed or proper technique to grasp the look because it’s all a few one-of-a-variety really feel.

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